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Founded in parma, italy in 1983 by the bollati family, davines group started as a research laboratory, producing high-end hair care products for renowned cosmetic companies worldwide. After a decade of honing our expertise, we began creating our own brand of davines hair care products exclusively for salons, nowdays the brand became one of the most unique premium boutique brand for professional hairsalons present in more than 90 countries.
Beauty + sustainability, this is an inspiring concept for all of our projects, from product formulation and design, to company ethics and salon education


By adhering to lifegate's zero impact project the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the production of the packaging are offset by the purchasing of carbon credits generated by operations of forests' creation and protection in Italy, Costa Rica and Madagascar, our packaging choices are based on three fundamental points:- the use of as little raw materials as possible;- the use of recyclable materials; - the optimization of logistics processes to avoid waste.


To offset the environmental impact, Davines has been using renewable electric energy from natural sources - such as sun, wind, water and soil - to supply its plants and offices since 2006.


The research charter favors ingredients of natural origin, organic or eco-certified; made from renewable sources, eco sustainable, not of petrochemical origin; made from environmentally friendly processes; possibly biodegradable and with low water toxicity; originating from crops produced in conformity with international eco-ethical standards, thus with no discrimination and exploitation of people or the environment; international and typical traditions of other countries and italy; respectful of local biodiversity; sold according to principles of fair trade; innovative, unique and specific, with top quality and purity; able to guarantee full traceability of the finished product; tested for their effectiveness in collaboration with international universities and research centres; not tested on animals.