DIY Hairstyles for a Holiday Party

IMG_0108_1 copia.jpg

High Ponytail with Hair Bungee

1.Brush dried hair and apply This is a Medium Hold Pliable Paste to your roots.

2.Put hair in a ponytail and secure with a hooked elastic band/bungee.

3.Moisten the ponytail withThis is a Blow Dry Primer

4.Twist the ponytail, fold it in two, secure with pins on the base and with another string, and go around it twice to give it a bubbly look

5.Finish off with the This is a Strong Hair Spray and add a cute jewel to the base of your ponytail for that extra brightness.

IMG_0548_1 copia.jpg

Sleek Ponytail with Skinny Barrettes

1.Part hair in two, and brush one side dry before applying This is a Medium Hairspray

2.Put your hair in a low ponytail and add some shiny hair clips down to your ear

3.Undo the front of one side of the pony and spray This is a Medium Hairspray to the loose side of your hair.

4.Spray This is a Shimmering Mist across the whole look.

5.Finish off by putting your hair in a low ponytail with a shiny elastic band or jewel.


Low Ponytail with a Velvet Bow

1.Spray This is a Dry Texturizer on your roots, and brush your hair.

2.Put your hair in a low ponytail and leave your bangs out.

3.Apply OI Oil on all the lengths and brush your hair

4.Secure your pony with a velvet string: go around it a few times and tie it.

5.Complete the look by spraying the Dry Texturizer on your bangs to make them look soft and effortless.