Smoothing fast hair mask, it gives softness and an immediate anti-frizz action. It helps to reduce undesired volume and tame the hair, facilitating straightening, for a sleek and smooth result.
The 30 seconds processing time makes the product extremely user friendly.

HOW TO USE: apply after washing with LOVE/smoothing shampoo or shampoo bar, after having removed the excess water. Leave on for 30 seconds, comb and then rinse. Proceed with styling.

Additional information

Country of Origin Italy
Material Olive extract: Rich in fatty acids and vitamins. The new extractive method based on enzymes allows the Minuta Olive extract to have extra elasticizing action. Multifunctional soy polymer: 100% natural and derived from not GMO soy, provides great combability and softness thanks to its strong conditioning effect It makes the texture of the treatment rich and luxurious. Babassu butter: 100% natural butter derived from the nut of Babassu palm. Traditionally used for its emollient properties on skin, and it provides shine, softness, and silkiness to the hair. TIP! Buy your products with professional guidance in any of our partner salons. Click to DAVINES SALONS/FULL STOCKISTS in the main menu.
Weight 262.000000 g
SKU 35635-452-01