Round brush for full body.
Perfect for straightening or curling hair.
The bristle is filled into the wooden brush in a spiral shape to allow easier movement through the hair.
A tapered handle finishes in to a useful point making it ideal for picking up and sectioning hair.

Additional information

Country of Origin Italy
Material PRODUCT BENEFITS WOOD All brushes are made in beech wood, varnished in black. BRISTLES All brushes are made with a mix of nylon and wild boar bristles. Wild boar bristles are always used for high quality brushes thanks to their properties and performance. They are the most similar material to human hair, they are anti-static and reduces fly-away hair. They are soft touch but strong as material, don’t damage even finer hair. Wild Boar Bristle affords good hair care by cleansing of hair, stimulation of the scalp and distribution of natural sebum. Nylon bristles penetrate into the hair, detangle and control the style, while natural wild boar bristles provide polish and add shine. Thanks to this combination brushes are high heat resistant and long lasting. The triangle shape of bristles (nylon bristle taller with wild boar bristles shorter and in circles) allow to get the best from every material: the nylon bristles penetrate and detangle while the wild boar bristles smooth and polish the hair. DESIGN The brushes shape allows the manageability when the brush is twisted in the hand The engraved handle is a design and unique feature The pointed handle at the end is functional to divide the hair in sections A beautiful product wouldn't be complete without beautiful markings, for this reason the customized design of each brush is enhanced with the Davines and Your Hair Assistant Conceived and designed by Angelo Seminara logo.
Weight 200.000000 g
SKU 35635-308