Dry Shampoo


Invisible dry shampoo that refreshes the hair, absorbs excess oil and dirt from the roots to the ends. It also provides soft hold and volume to the hair. It does not weigh down the hair and does not leave any residue, ideal for all hair types.

It contains rice starch, which has a high oil absorption capacity, thus enabling optimal cleaning, thanks to its moisturizing ingredients, it reduces hair static and ensures softness.

Part your hair in 4 parts, then apply the Dry Shampoo from a distance of 25-30 cm, then massage your scalp. If you want a softer hairstyle, comb it with a comb.


ATTENTION!  Aerosol products can not be shipped via air freight. Therefore We can not ship aerosol products outside of Europe. (America, Asia, Africa, Australia)

Advice: if you have the opportunity we suggest to buy our product at a Davines partner salon, because they can give expert advice which can help you further to find the right product. Click here to see our partners

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