Oi Liquid Luster


Brightening, silkening treatment with Rouccou oil

for all hair types. Easy and quick application, with an immediate effect, without a shelf life. It provides instant shine and silkiness, and can be easily incorporated into any hair care routine.

95% biodegradable ingredients
43.4% are ingredients of natural origin
pH 4.0-5.0

USE: After washing with shampoo, squeeze excess water out of your hair, then apply OI Liquid Luster to the entire length of your hair. Rinse and, if necessary, use a conditioner suitable for the texture and condition of the hair.
For enhanced effect, use the entire OI product range.

Advice: if you have the opportunity we suggest to buy our product at a Davines partner salon, because they can give expert advice which can help you further to find the right product. Click here to see our partners

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