Oi Hair Butter


Nourishing hair wrap with Rouccou oil

It provides shine, softness and structure regeneration to the hair, with a smoothing and de-fluffing effect.
The oil, which is produced from the Rouccou seed native to the Amazon, is extremely rich in nutrients, for example, it contains 100 times more beta-carotene than carrots.
Structure regenerating and anti-aging effect, also reduces cell damage caused by UV radiation, neutralizing free radicals.
Ideal for: All hair types.
Paraben-free formula.

Before use, warm the product with the warmth of your hand.
- From medium to thick hair:
OI After shampooing, spread the towel over dry hair. Comb it after 5-10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly from the hair.
- For thin hair:
Distribute the product on dry hair, rinse thoroughly after 10 minutes, then wash hair with OI shampoo.

For an extra nourishing effect: apply before and after shampooing.

Advice: if you have the opportunity we suggest to buy our product at a Davines partner salon, because they can give expert advice which can help you further to find the right product. Click here to see our partners

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